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Data collaboration design concept

Creating a new project

Anyone can create a new project. Government agencies wanting to collaborate with researchers. Hackers wanting to build new apps. Citizens wanting to campaign for data releases. Businesses wanting to integrate open data into products and services. Journalists wanting to discuss data with the data’s custodians.

At the beginning of a new project, users are prompted to consider their project’s purpose. Here we are aiming to shift the focus from data to intent. Why do we want to work with the data? What are we trying achieve?

By shifting the focus to our intent, we clear the decks and set a clearer course for the desired outcomes. The right data, expertise, tools and services can then be connected with our project, rather than a data-first approach.

Please note that the example image below and those on subsequent pages represent a hypothetical scenario where users create and collaborate on a project.

Creating a new project