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Data cards design concept

Discoverable insights and data for everyone

We want to increase the value and benefits that come from releasing open data for everyone, not just those with technical skills. But how does open data reach everyday citizens?

Open data reaches people mainly through intermediaries or “infomediaries” including government agencies, the media, advocacy groups, engaged citizens and commercial organisations. Much of the output of these infomederies is then pumped through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter before reaching everyday citizens.

But after having reached everyday citizens, the data has been transformed into statements, opinions, stories, visualisations, products or services, and more often than not, it is extremely difficult to discover how these outputs where derived from data. What was the source of the data? How was the data analysed? Who analysed it? What other insights and outputs relate to this same data? How can I discover all of the above?

Data cards are a design concept that aims to help address these challenges and enable better discoverability of insights and their underlying data, through small, portable and easily digestible snippets of data-driven information.

Discoverable insights and data for everyone